If you are unfamiliar with the kinds of work that a grading and excavation contractor does, you might think that the answer to that question posed in the title is something along the lines of “three or four.” Surprisingly enough, there are actually more than a dozen common types of excavation, and it is only the most skilled and properly equipped grading and excavation contractor that can handle them all.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

Bridge – As the name implies, this is the work done to create a bridge, and it involves the foundation and other structures necessary to support the bridge.

Borrow – This is done to remove materials in the way of some sort of project and may include removal of stone and gravel, soil and more. It is then relocated and repurposed as fill or grading, and even as a component in concrete.

Channel – Again, the name gives it away as this is excavation done to create or support ditches, channels and any course that water will follow.

Drainage/Structure – This is different from channel work as it will be to carry water away from an area, such as a storm drain or roadside trench that catches and removes water. This work is done to eliminate water from housing, farms and other areas.

Dredge – Another that explains itself with its name and is when gear the is used to excavate under water and remove sediment or build up to enable boat traffic or facilitate a project.

Earth – This is excavation that focuses on soil removal, and it could be to make way for other forms of excavation or as the project itself, such as removing soil for a ditch.

Footing – These are done by grading and excavation contractors as a form of foundation work. They involve digging special holes that are then filled with materials to support the heavier structures built on top of them. This might be a bridge, but also a building.

Muck – As it sounds, this is the excavation of watery soils or muddy materials that might also be contaminated or make it impossible to enter or pass through an area. Often, the muck is spread out in another area to dry out.

Roadway – We’ve all seen this sort of work, and it is what is done prior to laying down the materials needed for building any sort of road. It may mean flattening slopes, removing soil and more.

Rock – This is when a rock is impeding a project and excavation focuses on eliminating the rock in the way. Often it means breaking the rock and then removing it.

Stripping – This also does as it sounds, removing all of the materials (including soil and rock) to get down to a base or to do grading before a project begins.

Topsoil -This removes not only soil but all vegetation and stops at the next layer of soil just below this surface soil.

Underground – This may involve creating shafts and then excavating materials to build tunnels or canals.

Clearly, a skilled grading and excavation contractor needs a lot of gear and skill, and that is just what you can expect when you work with Vallencourt, Inc. in Jacksonville.


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