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When you’re seeking someone able to perform any size of paving work or general site construction labor in Clay County, FL, Vallencourt Asphalt is the paving company to contact today. We have been top-rated professionals in the Florida area for over 40 years, providing only the best in drainage repair, basin repair, asphalt milling, crack sealing, and more. We are the most seasoned and experienced name in asphalt paving in Northeast Florida, and our family’s sterling reputation is unmatched for true expertise. Local property owners, whether commercial, municipal, military, hospital, industrial, or residential, have trusted us for all their asphalt and concrete paving needs, as well as site construction & development needs. We offer more than just day-to-day paving services; we transform landscapes, properties, and lots into new Florida businesses, homes, and hospitals, transforming Florida into something vital, long-lived, and inspired.



  • Established Legacy Founded in 1984, Vallencourt Asphalt boasts a rich heritage spanning three-quarters of a century. As the oldest name in asphalt paving in Northeast Florida, our family’s expertise is unmatched.
  • Vertical Integration Unlike other contractors, Vallencourt Asphalt handles all aspects of the work ourselves. From clearing land to paving, our skilled team carefully manages every part of your project.
  • Comprehensive Solutions We offer more than just paving services. From developing land to finishing parking lots, Vallencourt Asphalt transforms landscapes into Florida businesses and homes.

Things To Do in Clay, FL

Things To Do

Located in northeastern Florida, Clay County lies along the west bank of the St. Johns River. With a population exceeding 218,000, it ranks as the third-largest county within the Jacksonville metropolitan area. The county seat is Green Cove Springs, though much of the county remains unincorporated.

Named after renowned American statesman Henry Clay, the county’s history is rich. Zephaniah Kingsley’s establishment of the Laurel Grove Plantation significantly influenced the local economy, particularly the orange trade, which spurred further development. Clay County was officially formed from part of Duval County in 1858.

Clay County boasts numerous opportunities for wildlife exploration, including the Bayard Conservation Area. This area offers over fifteen miles of trails for hiking, equestrian activities, bird watching, fishing, and launching canoes and kayaks.

For water-based recreation, Spring Park is a popular destination. Situated along the St. Johns River, it features picnic spots, playgrounds, and hosts community events. Visitors can also rent paddleboards or boats to enjoy the river.

Need high-quality paving services in Clay County, FL? Reach out to Vallencourt Asphalt today for an estimate and a detailed guide through the entire paving process!

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