When you need to complete improvements on your land either for new construction or renovations, using only the best grading and excavation contractor services is a must.


At Vallencourt Inc., we understand how critical it is to trust this important prep work to a professional. It is not just about moving soil from high spots to the low, it is about understanding how to correctly provide a level area, a gentle slope, or to design a natural runoff system to ensure proper drainage on any type of land.

We have experience in preparing all types of commercial and residential properties for construction and development. Over our 60 years in the land development business, we have worked on countless jobs from private infrastructure to public works projects, and we continue to provide services to many of our customers for all their development needs.

Specialized Services
As the top grading and excavation contractor in Jacksonville we have a very good understanding of the soil types and the requirements for preparing bases for roadways, parking lots, commercial buildings and even for home development. We have also worked on residential contracts to slope and grade lawns to help to deal with the heavy downpour of water we get on a regular basis in this area.

With our experience, and our use of highly advanced technology to ensure the proper grade and slope on all our projects, there is no job too big for us to handled. With our GSP leveling systems, we can also be very specific to any and all requirements for the job, helping to naturally limit erosion and create the soil base for your construction job.

Equipment and Professionals
In addition to the range of services we provide, we also have the newest in equipment and the top professionals on our crews. When you select our team as your grading and excavation contractor everyone we send will be experienced, professional, and able to effectively and efficiently get your job done.

Our focus as your contractor is to get the grading and excavating work you need done on time and to the specs you provide. We treat each job as a unique, individual project. This focus has allowed us to use innovative and highly effective strategies in getting our biggest jobs done within budget and within schedule, something we know is important to all of our clients.


A team of professionals. Founded on three generations of site construction experience. Serving the Greater Jacksonville metro area since 1984!



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