A part of the home or property ownership is upkeep of concrete in areas such as driveways, sidewalks, and curbing. Cracked or otherwise damaged concrete detracts from the curb appeal of the home or property, can lower property values, and could result in falls or accidents. While many homeowners realize that they need to have their concrete elements repaired or replaced, they may struggle with finding a reputable contractor and communicating their budget and needs adequately. Here are a few tips on how to communicate with concrete contractors.

Writing and Pictures

It is helpful for both the homeowner and the contractor if a journal is kept. This is done by the homeowner and includes all information about the project. Writing everything down gives an accurate representation of what the homeowner wants and what the contractor has promised. A project journal can also be a sound way for the homeowner to record future questions for the contractor.

The homeowner should also express their wishes in writing to the contractor as well as providing pictures or diagrams that describe the end look of the project. Written or verbal instructions are often not enough to convey exactly what the project should look like. The contractor should provide estimated dates for all steps during the project, and these should be communicated in writing to the home or property owner.


The homeowner should perform some research and determine a budget for their project. Development of the budget can include input from a contractor. The homeowner should communicate clearly about how much they can afford to put towards the project. Knowing the budget allows the contractor to use materials that fit within the budget. When both sides know the budgeted amount, this can eliminate surprises in the cost of the project.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things that should be taken into consideration when dealing with a concrete contractor. The homeowner should talk with the contractor or foreman each day during active construction. The contractor should act interested in the project and be available by phone for questions. Vallencourt, a contractor in Jacksonville, FL, has the background and knowledge to be able to tackle any concrete construction project. They are experts in paving and construction and have been around for over thirty years. Vallencourt is licensed, insured, and family owned and operated. They are happy to discuss any concrete project with home and property owners and will diligently see any project through until the end.


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