When comparing materials for pavements and building roads, asphalt is considered more effective in helping our environment stay cleaner and cooler. Pavements with asphalt base consume less energy and emission of greenhouse gases is comparatively low. While site construction in Jacksonville is going on asphalt is being produced, our earth’s natural resources are kept safe.


Less Energy Consumption

Recently a study found 20% less energy is consumed by asphalt roads in both production and construction when compared to other materials. Another great part about asphalt roads is they are produced and restored at a rate that is very fast. Once the mix cools, an asphalt road is able to be laid, and shortly after they are able to be driven on. Therefore, congestion on roads is reduced because maintenance is able to be performed during off-peak hours at during site construction in Jacksonville, and be ready before heavy traffic starts back up.


Asphalt is known as the self-sustaining industry. When researching one of the top materials recycled in the US, you will see asphalt. Almost 99% of asphalt is able to be reused to produce again. There is no expensive materials required for it. Asphalt roads, take an extremely long time to wear out when taken care of properly. Maintenance is very simple and done when necessary. Top layer of asphalt is removed, recycled, and fresh layer put down in its place. Aging process is slowed down more when the asphalts hot-mix has rubber added to it, saving both energy and money.

Cleaner Environment

When comparing asphalt to concrete, it is much smoother. Rainwater is allowed to drain through the pavement without collecting on the roads making puddles. This means a smaller chance of aquaplaning when a vehicle drives over the road than on concrete. With the help of technology, new pavements have reduced noise pollution and help maintain cleaner environment and air.

Safe for the Atmosphere

Water quality can even be improved by asphalt. When constructing roads, parking lots, etc., if porous asphalt is used, detention basins will not be needed by filtering runoff. Often times, water pipes and drinking water reservoirs are lined with asphalt. No chemicals or other harmful substances are released into the ground or atmosphere from asphalt pavement. At the site of construction in Jacksonville, asphalt is safe for pavement workers to use. Nice part for us in Florida, roads are known to remain cooler at night time with porous asphalt.

Asphalt is a great material that brings a fresh look, smooth driving surface, and cleaner air.


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