Need an asphalt paving company? Whether it’s about paving your driveway at home or at the office, here are a few tips from Better Business Bureau on how to find trustworthy people to work with:


  1. Don’t settle for the first company you find. Make sure you have at least three companies—if not more—to choose from. Ask for bids, and don’t forget to use the same requirements for all of them. Determine pricing variations, but don’t let price dictate your final decision. While going for the lowest bid might save you some money, consider other factors as well, such as quality, warranty, and customer service.
  2. Ask if the company has insurance for its employees. What’s the coverage? Does the company offer its crew worker’s compensation? Is there coverage for property damage in case workers accidentally damage something in your home? Is there liability insurance as well? The right answer is yes to all three. For instance, if something happens to one of the contractors on the job site, his medical costs could balloon to a sizable amount. If he didn’t have any coverage, you could end up paying for those bills out of your pocket. So make sure you only work with companies that have their employees covered.
  3. Ask the local authorities if the job site needs any permits. Are inspections required? Ask that too. An excellent asphalt paving company, though, will know first-hand if there are permits or inspections needed, and should be able to guide you in getting them.
  4. Check the license. Different jobs require different licenses and that goes for your asphalt paving job as well. So before you start working with anyone, make sure the company you work with holds a license for the kind of work you want. It doesn’t matter if they’re great or offer a reasonable rate. If they aren’t licensed for the work, it’s not a good idea to pursue the relationship. Look for another company, one that has all the credentials you need.
  5. Ask for a lien waiver. You can request this from the contractor after the job has been done. The statement is documented proof that all the suppliers and contractors for the materials, as well as the labor that made the job possible, has all been paid in full.

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