Runoff from stormwater can be a real problem. This is especially true in urban or commercial areas where the addition of impermeable surfaces and soil compaction, along with ornamental plants and tree removal significantly impact the natural movement of water.

For this reason, stormwater has been listed as a leading source of water pollution nationwide. As urbanization and development increases so too will stormwater issues. It can save you thousands, even hundreds of thousands (depending on your development), to implement stormwater management and protection strategies before issues begin to arise. Talk with your land developer in Jacksonville to formulate the best stormwater management solution for your property.

5 Stormwater Management Solutions

There are many different stormwater solutions that your land developer Jacksonville can implement, given the different degree to which protection against stormwater damage is needed. Here are five low-impact solutions worth consideration.

1. Planter Infiltration FlowToday we have many landscape feature options that are designed to infiltrate and capture runoff. One example is flow-through planters, which collect stormwater runoff and release slowly into the soil. These planters can be placed throughout the property including in parking lots, alongside buildings and around sidewalks. 

2. Swales

A swale refers to a low tract of land, usually one that is marshy and moist. Swales are designed to manage the runoff from storms and can be natural or manmade. They also serve the purpose of filtering pollutants, reduce the velocity of which the runoff flows and increase the infiltration of rainwater.

3. Splash Basins and Disconnected Downspouts

Disconnected downspouts help to manage the volume of water which flows into the sewers. These spouts are often separated from the roof and serve the purpose of redirecting roof runoff from impervious surfaces into more ideal locations, i.e. splash basins.

4. Porous Paving

Porous paving is just that, paving that is porous. It allows the water to penetrate the permeable surface of the pavement, which helps to percolate the stormwater directly into the soil.

5. Trees

Trees improve watershed health by decreasing the amount of stormwater runoff and acquired pollutants that flood local streams or rivers. Trees capture the water through their root system and absorb it directly from the soil. Additionally, adding trees to your development will improve the quality of the soil, which also promotes infiltration. Not only that but the presence of trees will help to slow down the flow of stormwater runoff, which prevents the drift of pollution into local waters.

Consult Your Land Developer Jacksonville to Solve Your Stormwater Runoff Issues

It is important to address stormwater runoff issues before them becoming a real problem. You should consult your land developer in Jacksonville to help you formulate the most effective and efficient stormwater runoff solution for your property.


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