Hiring the best person for the job always matters. Whether you’ve got a commercial or domestic project on your hands, getting the right help and support ensures winning results. So here are top ten mistakes you should avoid:


1. Not listening to your gut
Something seems off or out of kilter but you ignore it, unwilling to put in the work or legwork required in finding another person for the job. That could be your biggest mistake, says Popular Mechanics. A contractor could stay in your property or home for months, if not for weeks or days. If you see him eyeing your furniture with an avaricious look or run his hands over your TV with greedy intent, you already know not to trust that person. Don’t ignore your misgivings. Go with your gut.

2. Not checking up on the basics
Review the work license to make sure they’re accurate and up-to-date. Ask about insurance coverage. You really wouldn’t want to be the one left holding the bag in case a member of the crew gets into an accident while working on your home or property. This could generate medical bills that could run to millions. Save yourself the trouble and expense by asking about insurance coverage before you hire anyone.

3. Pick someone inexperienced in your project type
There are plenty of crews out there but few might be experienced with the kind of job you need. Hire someone who specializes in that job. Not only would you get a more efficient service, the crew should work faster and better than one without any practice in the project type at all. Also, pros usually take classes as well as do extensive research in these projects so they’ve got the expertise you need to get the job done and done exceptionally well. If you want to make sure you get the best results, you’d do well to hire pros.

4. Not drafting up a detailed contract
Make sure you cover everything in the contract, from brands of items that need to be installed, the start and end dates of the project along with all the costs and other terms and conditions you’d like to add. With a detailed contract, both parties are protected, providing clear guidelines for everyone involved.

So steer clear of these mistakes when you look for a crew. And if you’re looking to hire contractors in Jacksonville, simply contact us at Vallencourt Inc. for more details.


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