Who takes care of the roads in your community? Florida municipalities trust the experts at Vallencourt, Jacksonville’s trusted construction contractors, for reliable asphalt paving services.

Since 1984, we’ve served the area with superior pavement installation and construction services. Our diverse clientele includes airports, subdivisions, healthcare facilities, homeowner associations, shopping centers, schools, and more.

Municipal Paving Services by Vallencourt: Streets, Sidewalks, Utilities, and More!

At Vallencourt Asphalt, we understand the critical role municipalities play in ensuring the safety and well-being of their citizens. That’s why we are dedicated to providing professional paving services that keep projects on schedule and communities safe.

Working on municipal paving projects has unique challenges, including strict regulations and safety standards. Our seasoned team of asphalt professionals brings decades of experience to bear on your town’s community infrastructure project, ensuring compliance with project specifications, environmental regulations, and safety protocols.

We’ve already helped communities around Jacksonville, FL with the installation, repair, and maintenance of

Our Comprehensive Asphalt Services

The leaders at Vallencourt Inc have been working on asphalt paving since the 1980s, so we know the right ways to install or repair paved areas to keep drivers and residents safe.

Our municipal paving services include

We offer ongoing pavement maintenance too!
Our skilled contractors also perform ongoing pavement maintenance for all paved surfaces. For asphalt roadways, we can refresh pavement markings, protect with sealcoating, and even perform resurfacing to give paved areas new life. We can also seal, repair, or replace concrete pavement to protect pedestrians and drivers.

Whether your municipality requires road maintenance, parking lot construction, or sidewalk repairs, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.

Enhancing Community Safety and Economic Prosperity

Well-maintained streets and parking lots are essential for fostering community safety and economic prosperity. By investing in quality paving solutions, municipalities create safer environments for residents and businesses, supporting local economies and enhancing overall quality of life.

Vallencourt Asphalt: Municipal Paving You Can Trust in Northeast Florida

At Vallencourt Asphalt, we take pride in caring for Jacksonville area parking lots, highways, and residential streets. With extensive experience serving local county departments, cities, and townships, we specialize in all aspects of municipal paving, from new construction to maintenance.

Contact us today! Whatever your needs, trust Vallencourt to deliver superior results.


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