Transform your property’s surfaces with top-notch commercial paving services from Vallencourt Asphalt Paving. From strip mall sidewalks to extensive parking lots, we’ve served businesses throughout the Jacksonville metropolitan area for over 40 years.

Commercial Paving Services by Vallencourt Asphalt Paving

As the leading commercial paving contractor in Jacksonville, FL, Vallencourt provides a wide array of parking lot paving, asphalt repair, and pavement maintenance services at competitive rates, executed promptly. You can trust in our experience and integrity to make your business stand out with beautiful pavement, whether a retail parking lot or an industrial roadway.

Trust the Vallencourt team for

Parking Lot Installation

Whether it’s a new installation or resurfacing, Vallencourt guarantees impeccable results. It transforms empty properties and worn-out parking lots into inviting spaces that make a lasting impression.

Parking Lot Repair Services

Timely repairs are essential for drivert safety. Whether it’s potholes, cracks, or uneven surfaces, the Vallencourt team delivers efficient commercial paving solutions to safeguard your property and enhance safety.

Patching: Fixing damaged areas on commercial properties involves removing old asphalt and replacing it with fresh material. This restores smoothness and structural strength, addressing issues like potholes and cracks for safe paved surfaces.

Crack Repair: Maintaining paved surfaces means fixing cracks promptly. By cleaning out debris and applying a specialized sealant, crack repair prevents further damage from moisture and prolongs the pavement’s life, ensuring it stays strong and intact.

Maintaining the integrity of your commercial asphalt requires expertise. In Northeast Florida, trust the most experienced paving contractor–Vallencourt Inc.–for comprehensive parking lot repair solutions tailored to the needs of local business owners.

Pavement Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is key to prolonging pavement life and minimizing repair costs. Trust Vallencourt for comprehensive maintenance solutions, including sealcoating and crack sealing, to preserve the integrity of your commercial pavement.

Sealcoating: Protecting asphalt on commercial properties involves applying a thin layer of sealant. This acts as a shield against water, UV rays, and other elements that can harm the pavement, reducing oxidation, cracks, and fading to extend its lifespan.

Line Striping: Clear markings are required to define traffic lanes and parking spaces on paved surfaces. Line striping achieves this by painting visible lines using durable materials, enhancing traffic flow, safety, and organization while complying with regulations.

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Vallencourt Inc. is the leading Jacksonville land development company, delivering top-tier commercial construction and paving services across Northeast/Central Florida. With a steadfast dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity, we exceed expectations with every project, whether an asphalt parking lot or concrete bollards.

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